Friday, December 28, 2012

Little Friend

Invite me in little friend
Where have you been?
Many years and distant shores
It has been lifetimes ago
Death, you are welcome
Welcomed to my life
My embrace
My heart
Take it
Take me with you
Too long has it been since we
Have been joined hand in hand
On to the summer land
Oh my beloved death
You grant me rest
You give me Peace
Misery shall ever cease
Oh when I have you as mine own

Death, join me in life
One shall we become
Beneath this fleshly cage
I am ever calling thy name
Aching to be claimed by you
For unlike any other beloved
You are always at my side
Beckoning, calling me home
You, are an ever present shadow
Lurking in the great beyond.
Take your hand in mine
I pray for thee
Be mine