Thursday, July 26, 2012

Love is

Being in love is not a fairytale.
It is real.
It the elixir of life
it is the life blood
Too many people are afraid to feel
Life has become their shot of Novocaine
Wondering through it like an automaton
Life becomes routine and rote
with a gap that can never be filled by
the humdrum niceties that is their existence
Love is struggle
Love is hard
Love is strength
Love is passion
Love is war
Love is expectation
Love is hurt
Love is emotional
Love is joy
Can you feel this
Love oozing from my fingertips?
running lines down the page
The exhilaration, frustration, and consternation of love
have roiled my mind and pierced my heart
Love is baby
Love is an emotion roller coaster ride that you never want to get off of
It takes you high and low and makes you feel like gravity has lost its pull
Love is..........

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