Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Close Your Eyes and See©

By Ellyn 2009

Playful banter back and forth. Witty humor. Smiles and laughter.
New and intriguing
Daring -
expressive and relaxed
Letting go of any expectation
with anxious anticipation
communication - trepidation
Cessation of any reservations
Contradiction of feelings thoughts & words

Am i crossing a line of no return?
If I don't explore what is,
I may burn
With wonder of what if.
How is it that I am here,
She is there
She n she
no me
or we

I close my eyes and see.........


Tears scorch flesh
Sobs rattle earth in volcanic eruptions
Emotional upheavals
Gather ocean's waves
to form tsunami's wrath
Lighten crashes like raindrops on a
barren field
Nothing remains unscathed