Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Don’t Even Know

You don’t even know how each moment
slowly creeps by, as I imagine 
the next time we speak
Or dream of the moments 
we’re together and our passions peak

You don’t even know how
the times that we are apart
I long to be near
to feel your voice 
and soft whispers 
in my ear

You don’t even know how I yearn
to feel your warm breath on my back
Or your loving, tender soft touch that 
gives me little heart attacks

Oh, You don’t even know how
I think of you more and more
like when I am in the Ocean
and my body is floating back to shore

Oh baby, 
You don’t even know
that I am thinking of you and you 
alone, and how much I enjoy our late
night conversations on the phone.

You don’t even know
how I download many songs all because of you
and when we are apart and I am alone
I don’t know what to do

You don’t even know the desire that I feel 
to experience your love fully, completely
and know that it’s the real deal.

You don’t even know the suffering
pain and torture I go through when we’re apart
Or that I am forever mentally sending you my heart

You don’t even know, how much i care
and how in the years to come my heart wants to always
be there
 loving you, nurturing you, & laughing too
sharing our lives making lasting memories of 
love that is true.

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