Friday, January 27, 2012

Never More Cuts The Deepest©

Never More Cuts The Deepest©
By Ellyn N. Sims 2010

My words feel empty and hollow
there are no remedies
to take away the pain 
of losing you

Though I know how we started this  journey
you too know what we must do now
Go, that is where your heart 
has always truly been
I had you for a time
locked in my sight
held in my arms
embraced by my love
But temporary it always was
I longed for something more
something real
something tangible 
it always eluded me

I cannot expect that 
love to be meant for 
only me never was it
You were intrigued
 Enthralled, lusting for what 
you never had, eyes wide shut
I could see it in the way you 
looked at me.....  possession
you had me
Mouth watering 
wanting to taste
which always escaped your grasp
 Empty handed. I walk alone
down this ever winding road
looking behind at all that 
has been and what shall be 
never more

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