Friday, January 27, 2012

Love = Viral Contaminant©

Love = Viral Contaminant©

By Ellyn N. Sims 2009

I cannot imagine my love
not being in your love.
In suspended consciousness
and when
I rise
I am
in your love

When I work and when
I am at play
and every present moment
I am in your love


I can imagine
you and me only
in this way. Together
longingly lovingly glaring
into each others eyes

My love,
I feel your love so deeply
that others feel me feeling you
and we feeling we and...
When in a crowd our love
is viral and no one in
the vicinity is safe!

a contagion
a micron of unknown
substance that causes
unabashed joy
and infectious smiles


feel my love in your love
see my love in your love
touch my love in your love
taste my love in your love

the flavor of you
burns a hole in my heart
and a taste on my tongue
and a scent on my skin
and a thirst in my belly
that only the all consuming flame of your love
can quell..

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