Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let Her Rest©

Let Her Rest©

by Ellyn N. McNamara 2011

I left my soul 
down by the sea
She wanted to be free
and could not wait for me
you see the sea
took care of me
She swallowed my troubles
and took fear out to sea

yes my soul loves it there
down by the sea
tied flowing in and out
scorpionic energy
Still waters run deep
you see down by the sea
or rather in the ocean's tide 
as it took away my pride

I thought that I was strong
enough to withstand it on my own
But the ripe tide came hard
and rough and took me far from home

yes I lost my pride down by the sea
water gives life and 
takes it away
duality we live with everyday

I left my soul down by the sea
though she resides there
she's still inside of me
Let your soul rest for a while
in a nurturing place 
and in due time 
she will show you her face

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