Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hell Hath No.......

Ainʼt no shame in my game
you see.  I was just sharing some
feelings and trying to be free!

See family is to whom
you can share everything
your, hopes, joys and sorrows
and all that it brings.

you tried to silence me
with your cattiness
bitchiness and fear
but look whoʼs running
Iʼm standing right here.

Deep down inside
you know you ainʼt right.
so you ran like a coward
never facing the light.

Ainʼt no worries cuz I
know who I am.
say what you want, cuz
Iʼm still in the fam.

Stand on your throne
making damning pronouncements
of me. They are your bonds,
and shackles, while I am set free!

Yes, boo boo these words are
meant for you. Even in your hatred
the light never stopped shinning through.

Say whatever comes to
your downtrodden mind
the end is near and  like the
rapture you'll get Left behind

In the grand scheme of things
you never stepped to me like
a man, but considering the way you
behave I donʼt think you can.

Whatever the issue is
I cannot understand.
You never gave voice
so now Iʼm forcing your hand.

You did the bitch made thing
threw out accusations and ran.
You kept accusing me of
disrespecting you as a man

I guess the old adage is not
true, that only women bleed.
Cuz you been on the rag all day
hereʼs some tampons
to stopyour display

So woman to woman
step to me
letʼs get at the issue and
set it free.

Or woman to man
face to face
whatever the time
whatever the place

Write all your fallacies
to make you feel good
but know in the end
this female from the hood
has used your
darkness for creativity
and while youʼre lurking in
shadows imma always be me

I give thanks for your vitriol.
I used it for fuel
and now itʼs you whoʼs looking
like a fool.

You say youʼve been in this
“LIFESTYLE” since ʼ85,
guess whoʼs truly
been eaten alive?

You say Iʼve got a lot to learn
and maybe I do
but certainly  not
from the likes of you.

I will never stop growing
or wither in pain.
Take a look in the mirror
before pointing the finger in blame.

They say God donʼt like
ugly, and now I see why
keep acting like a minion & soon
youʼll be telling Satan hi!

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