Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let Her Rest©

Let Her Rest©

by Ellyn N. McNamara 2011

I left my soul 
down by the sea
She wanted to be free
and could not wait for me
you see the sea
took care of me
She swallowed my troubles
and took fear out to sea

yes my soul loves it there
down by the sea
tied flowing in and out
scorpionic energy
Still waters run deep
you see down by the sea
or rather in the ocean's tide 
as it took away my pride

I thought that I was strong
enough to withstand it on my own
But the ripe tide came hard
and rough and took me far from home

yes I lost my pride down by the sea
water gives life and 
takes it away
duality we live with everyday

I left my soul down by the sea
though she resides there
she's still inside of me
Let your soul rest for a while
in a nurturing place 
and in due time 
she will show you her face

Friday, January 27, 2012

Love = Viral Contaminant©

Love = Viral Contaminant©

By Ellyn N. Sims 2009

I cannot imagine my love
not being in your love.
In suspended consciousness
and when
I rise
I am
in your love

When I work and when
I am at play
and every present moment
I am in your love


I can imagine
you and me only
in this way. Together
longingly lovingly glaring
into each others eyes

My love,
I feel your love so deeply
that others feel me feeling you
and we feeling we and...
When in a crowd our love
is viral and no one in
the vicinity is safe!

a contagion
a micron of unknown
substance that causes
unabashed joy
and infectious smiles


feel my love in your love
see my love in your love
touch my love in your love
taste my love in your love

the flavor of you
burns a hole in my heart
and a taste on my tongue
and a scent on my skin
and a thirst in my belly
that only the all consuming flame of your love
can quell..

Never More Cuts The Deepest©

Never More Cuts The Deepest©
By Ellyn N. Sims 2010

My words feel empty and hollow
there are no remedies
to take away the pain 
of losing you

Though I know how we started this  journey
you too know what we must do now
Go, that is where your heart 
has always truly been
I had you for a time
locked in my sight
held in my arms
embraced by my love
But temporary it always was
I longed for something more
something real
something tangible 
it always eluded me

I cannot expect that 
love to be meant for 
only me never was it
You were intrigued
 Enthralled, lusting for what 
you never had, eyes wide shut
I could see it in the way you 
looked at me.....  possession
you had me
Mouth watering 
wanting to taste
which always escaped your grasp
 Empty handed. I walk alone
down this ever winding road
looking behind at all that 
has been and what shall be 
never more

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hell Hath No.......

Ainʼt no shame in my game
you see.  I was just sharing some
feelings and trying to be free!

See family is to whom
you can share everything
your, hopes, joys and sorrows
and all that it brings.

you tried to silence me
with your cattiness
bitchiness and fear
but look whoʼs running
Iʼm standing right here.

Deep down inside
you know you ainʼt right.
so you ran like a coward
never facing the light.

Ainʼt no worries cuz I
know who I am.
say what you want, cuz
Iʼm still in the fam.

Stand on your throne
making damning pronouncements
of me. They are your bonds,
and shackles, while I am set free!

Yes, boo boo these words are
meant for you. Even in your hatred
the light never stopped shinning through.

Say whatever comes to
your downtrodden mind
the end is near and  like the
rapture you'll get Left behind

In the grand scheme of things
you never stepped to me like
a man, but considering the way you
behave I donʼt think you can.

Whatever the issue is
I cannot understand.
You never gave voice
so now Iʼm forcing your hand.

You did the bitch made thing
threw out accusations and ran.
You kept accusing me of
disrespecting you as a man

I guess the old adage is not
true, that only women bleed.
Cuz you been on the rag all day
hereʼs some tampons
to stopyour display

So woman to woman
step to me
letʼs get at the issue and
set it free.

Or woman to man
face to face
whatever the time
whatever the place

Write all your fallacies
to make you feel good
but know in the end
this female from the hood
has used your
darkness for creativity
and while youʼre lurking in
shadows imma always be me

I give thanks for your vitriol.
I used it for fuel
and now itʼs you whoʼs looking
like a fool.

You say youʼve been in this
“LIFESTYLE” since ʼ85,
guess whoʼs truly
been eaten alive?

You say Iʼve got a lot to learn
and maybe I do
but certainly  not
from the likes of you.

I will never stop growing
or wither in pain.
Take a look in the mirror
before pointing the finger in blame.

They say God donʼt like
ugly, and now I see why
keep acting like a minion & soon
youʼll be telling Satan hi!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Orbit©

In Orbit©
By Ellyn N. Sims 2009

Sun disappears
the light of
the moon is vanquished
when we are in

Mountains crumble
& oceans boil
ships capsize at

The light of aeons
penetrate soul
rippling through
every atom

Reverberations of cosmic
motions echo
through time
and space

galaxies are suspended
in the darkless dark
stars melt in the lightless light

We are the zephyr.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Elixir ©

The Elixir ©

by Ellyn N. Sims 2009

Think in my thoughts
Breathe in my breath
Live in my love

In you I dive
Into a sea of passion

Love courses through
every atom
of my being

Waves of bliss
I cannot contain
Love you are the elixir


By Ellyn N. Sims 2010

In this darkness I feel nothing but pain and sorrow
In this darkness I wish that there were no tomorrow
In this darkness I wish to hide
In this darkness I cannot abide
In this darkness I see her face
In this darkness nothing can replace
In this darkness there is no life
in this darkness there is pain and strife
In this darkness I do dwell
In this darkness it is hell
In this darkness I can not see
In this darkness there is no me
In this darkness i do not dare
In this darkness nothing can compare
In this darkness light does not shine
In this darkness I leave it all behind

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have nothing left but words to place on this paper. My heart is so open, bare  and raw. It feels as though my entire body has been scrubbed with a brillo pad and doused with isopropyl alcohol.
Love lost to eternity. Friendships shattered. Elders enter oblivion. Never feeling complete in the skin that I'm in. Missing an element from the periodic table.  Has it ever been discovered? REAL LOVE!


Never again shall i give my
Like a mirror fallen to earth
from a thousand miles beyond
the sky
pieces scattered
amongst the barren Ash.
Shards so infinitesimally
small they are invisible
to the naked eye
shattered and whisked away
By a violent breeze.
it is lost

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Washed Asunder

Something I just wrote this morning

Happiness springs from
countless untold tears
joy can not be known
without the misery
brought from sorrow

The eyes fill like
thirsty desert sands
and pour like torrential
midnight storms
lost in the abyss of
inglorious agony
there is no light
to see the path

for there is no path
it has been washed
and there are no steps
to take for there
is no one left
to take them


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Don’t Even Know

You don’t even know how each moment
slowly creeps by, as I imagine 
the next time we speak
Or dream of the moments 
we’re together and our passions peak

You don’t even know how
the times that we are apart
I long to be near
to feel your voice 
and soft whispers 
in my ear

You don’t even know how I yearn
to feel your warm breath on my back
Or your loving, tender soft touch that 
gives me little heart attacks

Oh, You don’t even know how
I think of you more and more
like when I am in the Ocean
and my body is floating back to shore

Oh baby, 
You don’t even know
that I am thinking of you and you 
alone, and how much I enjoy our late
night conversations on the phone.

You don’t even know
how I download many songs all because of you
and when we are apart and I am alone
I don’t know what to do

You don’t even know the desire that I feel 
to experience your love fully, completely
and know that it’s the real deal.

You don’t even know the suffering
pain and torture I go through when we’re apart
Or that I am forever mentally sending you my heart

You don’t even know, how much i care
and how in the years to come my heart wants to always
be there
 loving you, nurturing you, & laughing too
sharing our lives making lasting memories of 
love that is true.